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World War 1 lesson plans

Educational Games for Kids That Teach
21st Century Skills:
Problem Solving, Collaboration, Higher Order Thinking, Decision Making..

Choose from WW1, WW2, Cold War, and Civil War Lesson Plans and Simulations

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What do you need to run these simulations?

1. A computer for the teacher to manage and project the map(s)

2. Projector

3. A second computer for the teacher to run the spreadsheet works great.

4. Microsoft Word and Excel Programs.

do not need computers for each country or student.) 
world war lesson plans
 Simulations In Other Languages

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For Free Online Document Translator

    Translate your simulation Word and Excel documents into other languages!

History Simulations
Around The World

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Mr. Harms Simulation Teacher Journal     
History Simulations is a ground-breaking teaching tool:

>Incorporates interactive learning.
>stimulates creativity and engages students in higher order thinking.
>Students assume the roles of leaders, make decisions and problem solve to achieve peace or start a war.  
>Students are 
guided by objectives that pertain to the self interest of the country they represent. 
>How students achieve those objectives is up to the students. 
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World War One, World War Two
and The Cold War Simulations

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The Classroom

The Way History Teachers Compete With:
Video Games, Facebook, Youtube and all the other instant gratification technologies.

Choose From Imperialism, WW1, WW2, Cold War, and Civil War Lesson Plans, Simulations and Activities. brings you World War 1 Lesson Plans, World War 2 Lesson Plans and Cold War Simulation Lesson Plans.

These History Simulations are a collection of Word Documents and Excel Spreadsheets that enhance learning, stimulate interest and engage students in Social Studies Concepts.  Whether you teach World History, American History or are just looking for a history lesson plan, these simulations and activities will bring history to life in your classroom!

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Become a Teacher in History & Social Studies

Why You Need History Simulations

Summary of How

The WWI Simulation Works

The Effects of

History Simulations On Students

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