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World War 1 Lesson Plan, WW1 Simulations for Students

     Engage your students with this interactive World War 1 Simulation.  By using engaging lesson plans and games for kids, students become interested and engaged with the Great War and want to learn more. These Activities are rich with 21st Century Skills and teach Social Studies Concepts. Worried about how much time it takes? Get the online version: save time and enjoy the ease of use. Learn more about Why Simulations Work

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WW1 Online Simulation Platform
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Your students will take the roles of Woodrow Wilson, David Lloyd George and Kaiser Wilhelm II and many others.

-Form Alliances -Conduct Diplomacy
-Negotiate Deals -Strategic Thinking
-Problem Solve -Critical Thinking

Most importantly, your students will get excited about The Great War and want to learn more! 

      In June of 1914, one single incident set off a chain reaction engulfing Europe and the world into a devastating war.  The assassination of the Archduke sets off a diplomatic firestorm.  All eyes turn on Serbia, who it’s rumored sponsored the assassination of the Archduke.  The World War 1 Simulation is a hands on activity where students are assigned the roles of leaders from the conflict. They’ll quickly become engaged in the activity and develop ties with students representing other countries.
      The “magic” behind our World War 1 Lesson Plan is that students become emotionally involved with their countries and competitive about achieving their objectives.  This World War One Simulation Activity is a collection of Microsoft Word and Excel documents.  The documents are organized in binders or in a computer lab/1:1 set-up electronically for students and used in combination with the War Map on your projector to bring World War One to life in your classroom! (This is a digital download activity). This program is designed to be a lesson plan that is easy for teachers to set up and which they can customize based on the size of their classroom. We even offer World War 1 lesson plans for students that are home schooled that is designed for just one or two students. produces interactive history lesson plans for high school and middle school students, including units on World War 1 and World War 2. Developed and tested over years of use, this simulation is used by nearly 200 teachers throughout North America. WW1 simulations and games for kids help get kids interested and excited about learning. Instead of simply recreating what happened, students can alter the course of history through the choices they make. The World War 1 lesson plan is one that future classes will look forward to, having heard about it from older students. Order it for $39.95 or bundle it with the World War 2 and Cold War simulations and get all three lesson plans for $99.95.

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Era 8- A half century of crisis and achievement, 1900-1945
World History Content Standards

Standard 2: The causes and global consequences of World War I

Standard 2A: The student understands the causes of World War I

Therefore, the student is able to:
  • Analyze the relative importance of economic and political rivalriesethnic and ideological conflictsmilitarism, and imperialismas underlying causes of the war. (analyze multiple causation)
  • Analyze the precipitating causes of the war and the factors that produced military stalemate. (analyze cause-and-effect relationships)
Standard 2B: The student understands the global scope, outcome, and human costs of the war

Therefore, the student is able to: 
  • Describe the major turning points of the war and the principal theaters of conflict in Europe, the Middle EastSub-Saharan Africa,East Asia, and the South Pacific.
  • Analyze the role of nationalism and propaganda in mobilizing civilian populations in support of "total war".  (Examine the influence of ideas)
  • Explain how massive industrial production and innovations in military technology affected strategy, tactics, and the scale and duration of the war. (Analyze cause and effect relationships)
  • Analyze how the Russian Revolution and the entry of the United States affected the course and the outcome of the war. (Analyze cause and effect relationships).

World War One Simulation Trailer


Teacher Orientation Video For
The World War 1 Simulation Activity

Student Orientation Video For
The World War 1 Simulation Activity

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Upper Elementary Version
Of the World War One Simulation

     Simplified Language, Objectives and Questions designed for Upper Elementary Students.

      Designed in collaboration with Stephen Henderson-5th grade teacher,Iowa.

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In this World War 1 Activity Lesson Plan

  • Students begin by learning about the background of The Great War. 
  • Students are assigned roles as leaders or foreign ministers of 16 countries involved in World War I.
  • The simulation begins with the “World Times” newspaper report announcing the assassination of the Archduke Francis Ferdinand, heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary.
  • The leaders of Serbia and Austria-Hungary read prepared statements the next day.
  • Students begin meeting with other countries: forming alliancesnegotiating deals and plotting strategy for war.
  • Guided by their objectives, students engage in diplomacynegotiation and problem solving.
New Home School Version
WWI Activity designed for use with 1 or 2 students

World War Lesson Plans
World War Bundle!
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WWI Online Platform

WWI, WWII and Cold War Simulations
(Student Orientation Presentations Included)

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