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     In these lesson activities, students are assigned roles as world leaders and given objectives that mirror the national interests of those countries.  Guided by these objectives, students conduct diplomacy, negotiate with other countries and develop strategies.  This creates a dynamic classroom where students are self-motivated to be engaged as they are confronted with complex situations and difficult decisions.  With a new Online History Simulator Platform, these simulations are easier than ever to administer for teachers and an even better experience for students.

     Mr. Harms also develops engaging presentations in both PowerPoint and Keynote Platforms.  These Presentations include concepts, critical thinking questions and powerful animations to help students remember complex ideas and historical situations.  

Interactive History Lesson Plans, Simulations & Engaging PowerPoints has interactive Lesson Activities and engaging PowerPoint/Keynote Presentations.  Mr. Harms is a practicing History Teacher that has developed history simulation games for The American Civil War, European Imperialism, WWI, WWII and The Cold War.  If your looking for student engagement you're in the right place!

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History Lesson Plan Testimonials

The student interest soars through the roof when they are able to go "hands on" in regard to these detailed lesson plans.  It is a fun and unique way for them to learn what they have been hearing via lecture and video stimulation as well as writing.  My students want to go through the simulations again the last three weeks of school as the school year winds down with the many activities that usually are taking place after national testing has been completed.  It truly is a great product for most grade levels as I have taught from 8th grade to Sr's.
-Bobby Cook
-Lawton Public Schools, Lawton OK

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Host Larry Jacobs interviews History Teacher David Harms and IFAHS Principal Tony Neumann about the affects of History Simulations in the classroom.  The three discuss the engagement and critical thinking that these History Simulations have facilitated their History Classrooms.  Edu-talk-radio is Talk Radio for educators and administrators about educational products and services with industry and professional guests, K-university.

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