Absolute Rulers of Russia
Ivan The Terrible/ Peter The Great

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Source: World History, Patterns of Interaction
Chapter 21, Section 4
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Absolute Rulers of Russia
Ivan The Terrible & Peter The Great
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The Great Debate
Should Russia model itself after the West or stay with traditional Russian Culture?
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Ivan III of Russia
-Ruled from 1462-1505
    -Conquered territory around Moscow
    -Liberated Russia from the Mongols
    -Centralized Russia’s Government
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Vasily Ivanovich
-Ruled Russia from 1505-1533
    -Added territory to the Russian State
    -Increased the power of the central government
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The First Czar
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Ivan IV “The Terrible”
-Took the throne in 1533 at 3 years old.
    -Boyars (Landed Nobles) fought for control of Ivan.
    -At 16, he seized power and crowned himself Czar or Caesar, (Leader)
    -Married Anastasia, a Boyar family: Romanov
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Ivan’s Reign:
1530: Born
1533: Reign Begins
1547 “Good Period” (Married To Anastasia)
1560 “Bad Period” (Anastasia’s Death)
1581: Son’s Death
1584: Ivan’s Death
Ivan was truly happy and a different person with his Anastasia, things would go downhill fast after her death.
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Ivan’s Good Period
-1547-1560 AD
    -Expanded The Empire
    -Created a Code of Laws
    -Ruled Justly
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Rule By Terror
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Concept: Self Interest
The act or policy of making decisions based on what is best for the individual, group or nation.
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Ivan’s “Bad Period”
-Starts with the death of his wife Anastasia
    -Accused Boyars of poisoning her
    -Created “secret police” to hunt down and kill traitors
        -Thousands killed
Oprichniki: Secret Police to eliminate the Czars opponents.  They rode black horses and wore black uniforms.
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Re-Distribution of Land
-The Oprichniki would murder the Boyars Ivan felt were a threat to him along with all the people that worked for them (Whole Families)
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Higher Order Question: How did Ivan keep the new Boyars loyal to him?
Answer: Ivan owned the land now and these Boyars were dependent on him to use it.
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Rise of The Romanovs
Slide 15
Death of The Heir
    -A violent fight breaks out between father and son
    -Ivan dies from head wounds
    -Feodor, a mentally and physically weak ruler, would take the throne, but was found incapable of ruling.
    -Feodor dies without an heir
Slide 16
The Time of Troubles
-Boyars struggle for power
    -Czars die mysteriously
    -Imposters take the throne
    -Finally, a new Czar is elected from the major cities: Michael Romanov
    -Romanov Dynasty ruled Russia for 300 years (1613-1917)
    1.    Boris Godunov was the regent for Feodor, his reign was not as successful.
    2.    Frost in summer time ruined crops and starved the people
    3.    False Dimitris: a series of people claiming to be Feodors younger brother-claim the throne    
Slide 17
Peter The Great Comes To Power
Slide 18
Romanov Contributions
-Restored order to Russia
-Strengthened the government
    -Law Code
    -Put Down a Revolt
-Paved the way for absolute rule by Peter
Slide 19
Peter The Great
Named because he was one of Russia’s Greatest Reformers
Peter and his brother Ivan were co-rulers, but were influenced and manipulated by their older sister Sophia.  Eventually Sophia was forced into a Convent and Ivan died making Peter the sole ruler.
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Higher Order Question: As you look at this painting of Peter, what was the artist trying to convey about him?
Answer:1. Looking To The Future Not The Past, Map: Expansion of Russia, 3. Canon and Sword: Strength
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Russia Contrasts With Europe
Slide 22
Serfdom In Russia
-Austria-Hungary Abolishes Serfdom in 1767
-France Abolishes Serfdom in 1789
-Russia Abolishes Serfdom in 1861
    -Serfs provide cheap labor for Agriculture
    -Serfs Treated like property
    -Serfs could be given as presents/debt payment
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Concept: Isolation
Answer: To have little or no contact with other peoples ideas, culture….
Slide 24
Russian Isolation
-Middle Ages: Russia looks to Constantinople- Not to Rome
-Renaissance & Age of Exploration:
    -Mongols Cut Russia Off
-Geographic Barriers
    -Only seaport: Archangel is choked with ice
-Religion: Eastern Orthodox Church
    -Western Europe: Catholics and Protestants
Russians viewed the Protestants as heretics and was another reason to avoid the West.
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Peter Visits The West
Slide 26
The Grand Embassy
-Peter’s Route through Europe
-Peter was fascinated by many things:
    -Ship building, Machinery, Dentistry, Anatomy, Industry, Navigation…
Slide 27
Peter Rules Absolutely
-Peter believes by Westernizing Russia it will increase Russia’s power
Slide 28
Peter’s Reforms
-“For you know yourself that, though a thing be good and necessary, our people will not do it unless forced to.” Peter The Great
Slide 29
Concept: Change
Answer: To make or become Different
Slide 30
The Church Under State Control
-Peter abolishes the office of Church Patriarch
    -(Head of the church)
-Set up “Holy Synod” Led by himself
Slide 31
Higher Order Question: Why do you think it was important to bring the church under his control?
Answer: The Church might get in the way of his reforms
Slide 32
Reducing the Power of the Great Land Owners
-Peter recruited lower ranking families
    -Gave them land in return for loyalty
    -Appointed them to high positions
-Increasing Peter’s power and decreasing the Nobles
Slide 33
Building a European Army
-Peter expands the army to 200,000 men
-Hires European Officers to train his troops
-Buys Modern European Weapons
-Levies crushing taxes to pay for it all.
Slide 34
Westernizing Russia
-Peter believed education was the key to reforming his country.
Previously, foreign study was punishable by death- now it was strongly encouraged and in some cases forced!
Slide 35
Peter’s Other Reforms
-Introduced potatoes
    -Potatoes became a staple of the Russian Diet
-Started Russia’s first newspaper
-Raised Women’s Status
    -Women were allowed to attend social gatherings
-Ordered Nobles to wear Western Clothing
    -Nobles ordered to wear European dress not Traditional
-Advanced Education
    -Schools of Navigation, Art and Science
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Higher Order Question: Why did Peter think education was key?
Answer: Education is the building block of innovation, especially when interaction was difficult because of Geography.
Slide 37
Establishing St. Petersburg
“A Window To The West”
-Peter defeats Sweden after 21 years to secure a port to the West
Slide 38
The Importance of St Petersburg
-Made it easier to travel to the West
    -Built on a swamp, 25 to 100 thousand people died building it.
    -Became a bus sea port
-Peter died in 1725
Peter The Great Westernized and Modernized Russia
Peter died from trying to save sailors in the bay.  Hands on to the end!
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The End

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