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American Civil War Simulation Lesson Plan

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          This simulation activity starts with the election of 1860. Students take the roles of individual states and vote for the candidate that most closely matches the majority of that states political beliefs.  Students will face the same challenges and advantages both the North and South had during the Civil War. 

Objectives of This Lesson Plan
Students Will Understand:
> How the Election of 1860 tore the country apart.
> The effects of the Union Naval Blockade on the Southern economy and military.
> How the vast Northern Railroad Network moved troops and supplies quickly and efficiently.
> The impact Northern Industry had on the war effort.
> How Natural Resources are the life-blood of industry and manufacturing.
> How the South, despite all its disadvantages, put up a tremendous fight for their homeland and way of life.

Online Civil War Simulation

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    In this simulation, students begin by learning about the presidential election of 1860.  Guided by their objectives, students engage in strategy and problem solving.  The “magic” behind this activity is that students become emotionally involved with their states and competitive about achieving their objectives. produces interactive history lesson plans for high school and middle school students. Developed and honed over 2 decades of use, the Civil War Simulation is used by classrooms throughout North America. Check out our testimonials and you’ll hear how teachers have come to rely on our lesson plans for their classrooms.
     This Civil War Lesson Plan is a unit students will look forward to and which often results in students doing work outside of their classroom to be fully prepared for the conflict. It’s a unit that future classes will be looking forward to participating in, because of what they’ve heard from current students. At just 39.95 it will be one of the best investments you as a teacher can make.