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The Scramble For Africa

PowerPoint and Keynote Presentations

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European Imperialism Activity Bundle

Lesson Plans on European Imperialism

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-Critical Thinking Skills

-Problem Solving

-Strategic Thinking

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Europeans Claim Muslim Lands

PowerPoint and Keynote Presentations

European Imperialism Simulation

Lesson Plan on European Imperialism in Africa & Asia

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     Students develop an understanding of the relationship between industrial capacity, natural resources and markets.  Students learn by making decisions and observing the outcomes of their decisions.

1-Imperialism Simulation + One Year Online Included                                             ($30.00)

2-Student Orientation PowerPoint & Keynote Presentations                                    ($1.80)

3-The Scramble For Africa PowerPoint & Keynote Presentations                             ($5.40)

4-Imperialism In Southeast Asia PowerPoint & Keynote Presentations                  ($4.00)

5-Europeans Claim Muslim Lands PowerPoint & Keynote Presentations               ($5.40)

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Imperialism In Southeast Asia

PowerPoint and Keynote Presentations


European Imperialism