Interactive and engaging History lesson plans

European Imperialism Simulation
World War 1 Simulation Lesson Plan
World War II Simulation Lesson Plan

You will need the following to run an online simulation: 

  • 1 year subscription to the online simulation
  • Original Simulation Documents (New or Previously Purchased)


  • No Spreadsheets, all battles conducted at the touch of a button.
  • Takes less class time: immediate results
  • In a Nut shell: Same results/ Easier use for the teacher
  • Real-Time Maps available to students online

Remains The Same

  • Interaction among students and teachers
  • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking remain high

Imperialism Simulation Lesson Plan
Civil War Simulation Lesson Plan

History Simulations

Online Simulation Platforms

For years, has been providing interactive lesson plans for teachers to help bring history to life for students. From lesson plans on the Civil War to units that cover the World Wars, and the Cold War, hundreds of teachers have come to rely on them each year to educate and engage students in historic events. Now these same programs are available online, which makes them even easier for teachers to use.

Just as with the regular programs, the online versions are designed to not just relate historic events to students, but to actually involve them in history. They take on the roles of leaders of various governments and have to make decisions based on ever-changing circumstances. They can literally change history, but also come to understand why these events happened. At the center of these lesson plans are problem solving and critical thinking.

These online, interactive lesson plans are designed to take less class time then the regular plans and are easier for teachers to set up and run. Real time maps are available online for students computers and there are no spreadsheets or slow running Word documents to deal with, as with our traditional plans. At less than $40.00 for a one year subscription, it will reduce the amount of time the simulation takes and the online platform will streamline the process.

Cold War Simulation Lesson Plan
Cold War Simulation
Online World War II Simulation Lesson Plan
Online Civil War Simulation Lesson Plan
Online World War I Simulation Lesson Plan