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Imperialism In The Middle East

     Europeans Claim Muslim Lands describes how European countries militarily or political dominated lands in Southwest Asia to control their resources and enrich their rulers will little regard for the people. 

Policy of extending a nation's power and influence through diplomacy or military force.

Imperialism Links:

1. Imperialism Graphics

     a. Maps, Graphics and pictures about Imperialism in the Middle East, India, Africa and Asia.

2. Movies about Imperialism

     a. Hollywood movies and documentaries about imperialism.

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Imperialism In Southeast Asia

     Imperialism in Southeast Asia describes how European countries militarily or political dominated lands in Southeast Asia to control their resources and dominate the land and the people. 

Imperialism In Africa

     The Scramble For Africa shows how European countries moved quickly to conquer regions of Africa for their resources, cheap labor and markets for finished goods. 

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Imperialism Resources

British Imperialism In India

     British Imperialism In India describes how Great Britain militarily and politically dominated India and controlled their resources and people. 

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