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The Scramble For Africa

PowerPoint and Keynote Presentations

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European Imperialism Activity Bundle

Lesson Plans on European Imperialism

Europeans Claim Muslim Lands Presentation
European Imperialism Simulation

-Hands on Activity

-Critical Thinking Skills

-Problem Solving

-Strategic Thinking

-Student Engagement

Imperialism In Southeast Asia Presentation
Europeans Claim Muslim Lands Presentation

Imperialism Map Activity

 & History Presentations


This History Presentation covers: Imperialism, Industrial Revolution, The Congo, Henry Stanley, King Leopold II, Social Darwinism, Colonization, Berlin Conference, Zulus, Boers

Europeans Claim Muslim Lands

PowerPoint and Keynote Presentations


British Imperialism In India

PowerPoint and Keynote Presentations

Imperialism In Southeast Asia Presentation

European Imperialism Simulation

Lesson Plan on European Imperialism in Africa & Asia

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This History Presentation covers: Imperialism, Nationalism, The Ottoman Empire, Selim III, Geopolitics, Russia, Afghanistan, Crimean War, The Great Game, Muhammad Ali, Suez Canal, Persia, Natural Resources, Tobacco, Spheres of Influence.

     Students develop an understanding of the relationship between industrial capacity, natural resources and markets.  Students learn by making decisions and observing the outcomes of their decisions.

European Imperialism Simulation Presentation

This History Presentation covers: British East India Company, Imperialism, Colonialism, Nationalism, Mughal Dynasty, Sepoy, Indian Economy, Railroads, Raw Materials, Crimean War, American Civil War, Jute, Indigo, Tea, Cotton, Sepoy Mutiny, Cartridges, Sikhs, Raj, Viceroy, Queen Victoria

Imperialism: The Scramble For Africa

This History Presentation covers: Southeast Asia, Imperialism, Colonization, Natural Resources, Plantation Agriculture, Social Classes, British, Dutch, French, American, Siam, Vietnam, Burma, Dutch East Indies, Spanish-American War, Indochina, Philippines, Hawaii, Puerto Rico

1-Imperialism Simulation + One Year Online Included                                             ($30.00)

2-Student Orientation PowerPoint & Keynote Presentations                                    ($1.80)

3-The Scramble For Africa PowerPoint & Keynote Presentations                             ($5.40)

4-Imperialism In Southeast Asia PowerPoint & Keynote Presentations                  ($4.00)

5-Europeans Claim Muslim Lands PowerPoint & Keynote Presentations               ($5.40)

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European Imperialism Online Platform


The Scramble For Africa Presentation
European Imperialism Resources

Imperialism In Southeast Asia

PowerPoint and Keynote Presentations


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