Student Orientation

     After each round, students record and analyze their choices and the effect that their decisions had on the economic factors of production, resources and markets.  By the end of the simulation students understand how and why Imperialism happened as well as how production, resources and markets are inter-related.  Easy to use online Imperialism simulator.

Imperialism Simulation


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Imperialism Simulation lesson plan

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Imperialism Rules


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Imperialism Simulation

     The only way to increase Industrial production is to increase efficiency through the development of technology.  Research and Development allows students to take chances by buying rolls. When production increases, countries need more resources and markets and look to underdeveloped regions of Africa and Asia.

Instead of lecturing to students about European Imperialism in Africa and Asia, engage students with this interactive activity.   (Approximate Class Time: 140 Minutes)

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key objectives

1. Understand the inter-relationship between: industrial production, natural resources and markets.
(Why Imperialism Happened)

Understand the general geography of Africa and Asia.

     The activity begins with 8 groups representing European Countries.  At the start, each country has natural resources and industrial production that are equal in size.  Groups have the option of spending their national income on:

  1. Research and Development to increase their industrial production.
  2. Military: for military conquest in Africa and Asia.
  3. Saving income for a later turn.

     As students make their decisions, they are watching and learning from each other.  When students invest in technology, their industrial production increases. Income will only grow if countries have markets to sell to and natural resources to supply industrial production. 


Rolling the dice for Research and Development to increase Industrial Production.

National Defense

Natural Resources

After each round, the rankings display will put countries in the order of the greatest increase in income per capita.  Every time students refresh their browser, the rankings update on the viewable maps link.

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Example Turn

Conquering Countries

Analyzing Results

     Students will choose a country in Asia or Africa to conquer and spend military credits totaling whatever the National Defense number is of that country.  The teacher will then double click on that country and select the European country that conquered it which will add the Natural Resources and Market numbers to their country's stockpiles.


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