Section 5 "Parliament Limits the English Monarchy"

  • Subjects: Absolute Monarchy, James I, Charles I, Charles II, James II, Petition of Right, Parliament, English Civil War, Oliver Cromwell, Puritans, Restoration, Glorious Revolution, Constitutional Monarchy
Napoleons Empire Collapses PowerPoint

Section 4 "The Origins of Judaism"

  • ​Subjects: Religion, Canaan, Israel, Judah, Bible, Abraham, God, Torah, Monotheism, Covenant, Exodus, Moses, Ten Commandments, Hebrews, 12 Tribes, Prophets, Saul, David, Solomon, Arc of the Covenant and Exile.

Section 4 "Absolute Rulers of Russia"

  • Subjects: Ivan The Terrible, Ivan III, Vasily Ivanovich, Czar, Ivan IV, Boyars, Romanov, Oprichniki, Peter The Great, Serfdom, Eastern Orthodox Church, The Grand Embassy, Absolute Monarchs, Reforms, Westernizing Russia, St Petersburg.

Section 1 "Revolutions In Russia"

  • Subjects: Mussolini, Blackshirts, King Victor Emmanuel, Adolf Hitler, NSDAP, Germany, Italy, Brown Shirts, Nazi Party, Beer Hall Putsch, Mein Kampf, Lebensraum, Chancellor, Fuhrer, Nuremberg Laws, Krystall Nacht, Authoritarian, Dictators
WWII The Holocaust PowerPoint

Section 5 "The Congress of Vienna"

  • Subjects: The Congress of Vienna, Metternich, The Great Powers, Balance of Power, Holy Alliance, Concert of Europe, Conservative Europe, Containment of France, Napoleon
The Rise of Islam PowerPoint
WWII Japans Pacific Campaign PowerPoint

Section 4 "The Allied Victory"

  • Subjects: North Africa, The Eastern Front, Invasion of Italy, The Allied Home front, D-Day, Battle of The Bulge, The Pacific Theater, The Atomic Bomb.

An Age of Exchange and Encounter  (500 - 1500 AD) 

The World At War (1900 - 1945 AD) 

Section 1 "Marching Toward War"

  • Subjects: Competition, Imperialism, Militarism, Nationalism, Alliances, Bismarck, Wilhelm II, Crisis In The Balkans, Ottoman Empire, Austria-Hungary, Boznia-Herzegovina, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Gavrilo Princip, Black Hand and Mobilization.

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Chapter 14 "The Formation of Western Europe" 800-1500 AD

Section 4 "The American Revolution"

  • Subjects: Enlightenment, George III, Navigation Act, Stamp Act, 1st Continental Congress, 2nd Continental Congress, Declaration of Independence, Republic, The Articles of Confederation, The Constitution, Federal System, Bill of Rights, 

Chapter 21 Absolute Monarchs In Europe 1500-1800 AD

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McDougel Littel's

World History: Patterns of Interaction

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Absolutism To Revolution (1500 - 1900 AD) 

Section 1 "Hitler's Lightning War"

  • Subjects: Non-Aggression Pact, Invasions of: Poland, Blitzkrieg, Phony War, Invasion of Norway & Denmark, Invasion of France, Battle of Britain, Mediterranean & North Africa, War In The Balkans, Invasion of the Soviet Union, United States helps its Allies and The Atlantic Charter.

Section 2 "The Enlightenment In Europe"

  • Subjects: The Age of Reason, Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Enlightenment, Philosophes, Reason, Voltaire, Montesquieu, Rousseau, Beccaria, Mary Astell, Mary Wollstonecraft

Section 3 "Nationalism, Case study: Italy and Germany"

  • Subjects: Nationalism, Unification of Italy and Germany, Separation, State Building, Austro-Prussian War, Russian Empire, Ottoman Empire, Cavour, Garibaldi, Bismarck, Wilhelm II, Realpolitik, Blood and Iron, Seven Weeks War, Franco-Prussian War

Chapter 29 "The Great War" 1914-1918 AD

Cold War Superpowers Face Off PowerPoint
Totalitarianism Stalin PowerPoint

Section 2 "Changes in Medieval Society"

  • Subjects: Changes In Agriculture, Development of Guilds, The Commercial Revolution, Business and Banking, The Revival of learning

Chapter 24 Nationalist Revolutions Sweep The West 1789-1900 AD

Hitlers Lightning War PowerPoint
WWI A Global Conflict PowerPoint

Section 5 "Kingdoms of Southeast Asia and Korea"

  • Subjects: Southeast Asia, Korea, Influence of India and China, Influence of India and China, The Khmer Empire, Island Trading Kingdoms, The Dai Viet, The Ly Dynasty, Korean Dynasties, Early History, Koryu Dynasty, Mongol Occupation, Koryu Culture
City States In Mesopotamia PowerPoint
Wars in Korea and Vietnam PowerPoint

Chapter 17 "European Renaissance and Reformation" 1300-1600 AD

Section 4 "The Reformation Continues"

  • Subjects: The Reformation, John Calvin, Predestination, Geneva, Theocracy, Calvinism, Anabaptists, Catholic Reformation, Counter-Reformation, Ignatius of Loyola, Council of Trent.

Beginnings of Civilization  (4 million BC - 200 BC)

Fascism Rises In Europe PowerPoint

Section 3 "A Global Conflict"

  • Subjects: Eastern Front, Gallipoli Campaign, Battles in Africa and Asia, Mohandas Ghandi, unrestricted submarine warfare, Lusitania, Zimmerman Telegram, Total War, Rationing, Propaganda, Women's Role, Russia Withdraws, Central Powers Collapse, 2nd Battle of the Marne, Losses.

Mr. Harms Keynote Presentation: "The Holocaust"
Video Preview

Chapter 31 "Years of Crisis" 1919-1939

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Changes In Medieval Society PowerPoint

Perspectives on the Present (1945 - Present) 

Chapter 23 The French Revolution and Napoleon 1789-1815 AD

Pyramids On The Nile PowerPoint

Apple's Keynote Presentations Part of Apple's Life

WWII The Allied Victory PowerPoint
The Congress of Vienna PowerPoint

Section 3 "Fascism Rises In Europe"

  • Subjects: Mussolini, Blackshirts, King Victor Emmanuel, Adolf Hitler, NSDAP, Germany, Italy, Brown Shirts, Nazi Party, Beer Hall Putsch, Mein Kampf, Lebensraum, Chancellor, Fuhrer, Nuremberg Laws, Krystall Nacht, Authoritarian, Dictators
Feudalism In Europe PowerPoint

Chapter 30 "Revolution and Nationalism" 1900-1939 AD

Section 2 "Japan's Pacific Campaign"

  • Subjects: Pearl Harbor, Southeast Asia, Guam, Philippines, Yamamoto, Wake, Burma, Malaysia, Bataan, Coral sea, Doolittle Raid, Midway, Nimitz, Island Hopping, Guadalcanal, Mac Arthur, Nimitz.
Revolution Brings Reform and Terror PowerPoint

Chapter 22 Enlightenment & Revolution 1550 to 1789 AD

Section 4 "Aggressors Invade Nations"

  • Subjects: League of Nations, Japan, Italy, Germany, Manchuria, Ethiopia, Rome-Berlin Axis, Rhineland, Versailles Treaty, Spanish Civil War, Hitler, Mussolini, Isolationist, Anschluss, Sudetenland, Munich Pact, Neville Chamberlain, Albania, Nazi-Soviet Pact, Non Aggression Pact
The Mongol Conquest PowerPoint

Section 3 "Eastern City States and Southern Empires"

  • Subjects: Geography of Arabia, Bedouin Culture,  Pre Islamic Arab religion, Crossroads of Trade, Life of Muhammad, Basic principles of Islam

Section 1  "Human Origins In Africa"

  • Subjects: Africa, Human Origins, Prehistory, AD, BC, CE, BCE, Archeologists, Hominids, Stone Age, Neanderthals, Homo Sapiens, Homo Erectus, Ice Age, Homo Habilis, Cro Magnon, Neolithic, Paleolithic, Anthropology, Paleontology
Eastern City States and Southern Empires PowerPoint

Chapter 32 "World War II" 1939-1945

WWI Europe Plunges Into War
WWII Aggressors Invade Nations PowerPoint

Chapter 10 "The Muslim World" 600-1250 AD

Chapter 2 "Early River Valley Civilizations" 3500 BC -450 BC


Section 2 "Totalitarianism Case Study: Stalinist Russia"

  • Subjects: Stalin, Russia, Soviet Union, Totalitarianism, Authoritarian, Great Purge, Command Economy, Five Year Plans, Collective Farms, Kulaks

Chapter 1 "The Peopling of the World" Prehistory-2500 BC

The Hundred Years War and The Plague PowerPoint
Parliament Limits The English Monarchy

Section 3 "Central European Monarchs Clash"

  • Subjects: Thirty Years War, Catholic League, Protestant Union, Hapsburgs, Peace of Westphalia, Hohenzollern, Frederick The Great, Maria Theresa, War of the Austrian Succession, Prussia, Junkers, Treaty of Ax LaChapelle, Seven Years War.
The Age of Chivalry PowerPoint
Collapse of the Soviet Union PowerPoint

Section 4 "The Hundred Years War and the Plague"

  • Subjects: Hundred Years War, The Bubonic Plague, End of Middle Ages, Great Schism, Long Bow, Joan of Arc

Section 2 "Revolution Brings Reform and Terror"

  • Subjects: French Revolution, The Rights of Man and of the Citizen, Louis 16th, Limited Monarchy, Old Regime, Political Spectrum, Sans Culottes, Emigres, French Republic, Jacobins, Robespierre

Section 3 "The Holocaust"

  • Subjects: The Holocaust, Master race, Anti-Semitism, Nuremberg Laws, Krystallnacht, Crystal Night, Emigration, Ghettos, The Final Solution, Concentration Camps, Extermination Camps, Nazis, Hitler

  Section 2  "Pyramids On The Nile"

  • Subjects: Nile River, Egypt, Upper & Lower Egypt, Old Kingdom, New Kingdom, Hyksos, Narmer, Dynasty, Pharaohs, Re, Osiris, Isis, afterlife, The Other World, Mummification, Hieroglyphics. 

Chapter 35 "Struggles For Democracy" 1945-Present

Chapter 3 "People and Ideas on the Move" 2000 BC -250 BC

Human Origins In Africa PowerPoint

Section 1 "The Rise of Islam"

  • Subjects: Geography of Arabia, Bedouin Culture,  Pre Islamic Arab religion, Crossroads of Trade, Life of Muhammad, Basic principles of Islam
WWI Marching Toward War PowerPoint

Section 2 "The Mongol Conquests"

  • Subjects: Mongols, Steppe, Nomads, Geography, Temujin, Genghis Kahn, Conquest, Mongol Empire, Khanates, Mongol Peace, Pax Mongolica

Interactive and engaging History lesson plans

Connecting Hemispheres (500 - 1800 AD) 

Section 3 "Luther Leads The Reformation"

  • Subjects: Martin Luther, Causes of the Reformation, Criticism leads to rebellion, 95 Theses, Luther's teachings, German Peasant War, Peace of Augsburg, Henry VIII, Reformation Parliament, Queen Elizabeth.

Section 4 "The Age of Chivalry"

  • Subjects: glorifying war and love, technology of warfare, warriors role in feudal society., knighthood, Code of Chivalry, Knights training, epic poetry.

Section 4 "A Flawed Peace"

  • Subjects: Paris Peace Conference, Versailles Treaty, Wilson's 14 Points, The Big Four, New Countries, Territory Lost & Gained, Self Determination, Article 231, Colonies, Georges Clemenceau, Woodrow Wilson, David Lloyd George and Vittorio Orlando.
Kingdoms of Southeast Asia and Korea PowerPoint
Revolutions In Russia PowerPoint
Central European Monarchs Clash PowerPoint
The Reformation Continues PowerPoint
The Origins of Judaism PowerPoint

Section 1  "City States In Mesopotamia"

  • Subjects: Mesopotamia, Civilization, Fertile Crescent, Tigris & Euphrates Rivers, City-States, Sumer, Ziggurats, Dynasties, Polytheism, Cultural Diffusion, Cuneiform, Sargon, Babylonian Empire, Hammurabi's Code

Section 1 "Cold War: Superpowers Face Off"

  • Subjects: Cold War, Yalta Conference, Joseph Stalin, United Nations, Security Council, United States, Soviet Union, Communism, Iron Curtain, Satellite Countries, Capitalism, Domino Theory, Truman Doctrine, Marshall Plan, Berlin Airlift, NATO, Warsaw Pact, Berlin Wall, Atomic Bomb, Hydrogen Bomb, Arms Race, Brinksmanship, ICBM, Sputnik, Apollo.

Section 2 "Feudalism In Europe"

  • Subjects: Europe Fragments, Charlemagne, Treaty of Verdun, Invaders: Vikings, Magyars, Muslims, Feudalism, Normandy, Feudal System, medieval manors, serfs, peasants, vassals, knights

Chapter 15 "Societies and Empires of Africa" 800-1500 AD

Section 2 "Europe Plunges Into War"

  • Subjects: Alliance Systems, Chain Reaction, The Western Front, Two Front War, Schlieffen Plan, First Battle of The Marne, Stalemate, Trench Warfare, Battle of Verdun, Battle of the Somme, The Eastern Front.

presentations - powerpoints, keynotes

Section 4 "Napoloen's Empire Collapses"

  • Subjects: Napoleon, Nationalism, Continental System, Peninsular War, Guerrilla Warfare, Invasion of Russia, Alexander I, Scorched Earth, Grande Army,  Leipzig, The Hundred Days, Island of Elbe, Waterloo, Duke of Wellington, St. Helena, Napoleonic Code, Lycées
Luther Leads The Reformation PowerPoint
Nationalism Italy and Germany

Chapter 33 "Restructuring The Postwar World" 1945-Present

Chapter 12 "Empires In East Asia" 600-1350 AD

Chapter 13 "European Middle Ages" 500-1200 AD

Section 3 "Collapse of The Soviet Union"

  • Subjects: Russia, Soviet Union, Cold War, Mikhail Gorbachev, Leonid Brezhnev, Communist Party, Glastnost, Perestroika, Central Planning, Democratization, INF Treaty, Ronald Reagan, Lithuania, Boris Yeltsin, The August Coup, Commonwealth of independent States, Shock Therapy, Chechnya, Vladimir Putin.
Absolute Rulers of Russia PowerPoint

Section 3 "Wars In Korea and Vietnam"

  • Subjects: Cold War, Korean War, 38th Parallel, Douglas MacArthur, United Nations,  China, Harry Truman, North Korea, South Korea, Vietnam War, France, United States, Ho Chih Minh, Communism, Dien Bien Phu, Domino Theory, North Vietnam, South Vietnam, Ngo Dinh Diem, Vietcong, Tet Offensive, Vietnamization, Richard Nixon, Cambodia, Khmer Rouge, Laos, Pol Pot.
WWI A Flawed Peace PowerPoint