History Games and History Simulations

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History Simulations

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​     Mr. Harms also develops engaging History Presentations for teachers in both PowerPoint and Keynote platforms.  These Presentations include Social Studies Concepts, critical thinking questions and powerful animations to help students remember complex ideas and historical situations. Each history presentation package includes Power Point, Keynote and Presenter's Notes.

     In these Social Studies Activities, your students are assigned roles as world leaders and given objectives that mirror the national interests of those countries.  

     Guided by these objectives, they conduct diplomacy, negotiate with other countries, and develop strategies. This creates a dynamic classroom where students are self-motivated to be engaged as they are confronted with complex situations and difficult decisions.  

And with our new Online History Simulator Platform, you'll find these History Simulations are easier than ever to administer and they'll create an even better experience for your students!

Social Studies Activities & History Presentations

History Presentations