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     We have a number of History Presentations relating to World History and developed from the textbook World History Patterns of Interaction. Each Presentation package contains both Power Point and Keynote Presentations along with Presenter's Notes.

     Modern World History starts with the Muslim World 600 AD through the present day.     

     The American Revolution Simulation puts students in the difficult position of not only developing a strategy to defeat a world super power, but also being responsible for financing their war effort. Students will develop a deep appreciation of what the leaders of the American Revolution went through.

     The World War 1 Simulation puts students in the roles of World Leaders and guides them through objectives that mirror the national interests of their countries in 1914. Students will negotiate, conduct diplomacy and develop strategies for war as conflicts erupt and the alliance system that takes Europe into war!

United States History

​Beginnings To 1877

Ancient World History begins with Pre-History: Human Beginnings to The Kingdoms of Aksum in Africa 700 AD.

     The World War II Simulation puts students into a global war that encompasses both the the European and Pacific theaters.  Students will make alliances, conduct diplomacy, negotiate and use strategic thinking to gain natural resources that will increase the power of their armed forces: army & navy. Students learn why regions were strategically important.

     Get your classroom engaged with these Interactive, hands on, Social Studies Activities. Not only will your students be excited to come to class, but they will also develop a greater interest in these historical topics

Social Studies Activities

      Mr. Harms has a number of free study guide videos, History Diagraming Coggles and Concepts.

Ancient World History Power Points

World History Patterns of Interaction

     The Imperialism Simulation is a fun way for students to develop a deep understanding of why Imperialism happened. Students will make choices, in a competitive atmosphere and understand the interdependence of Industrial Production, advancement of Technology and the acquiring of new Natural Resources and Markets.

World War 1 Resources
Cold War Resources
Imperialism Resources

     The Cold War Simulation allows students to feel the emotional tension of the Cold War. As situations escalate, NATO and Warsaw Pact leaders are forced to make difficult decisions as fear or the perception of fear, drives decision making. Students learn about the tools of nuclear war as conventional war escalates into Tactical Nuclear Weapons and eventually all out Nuclear War which demonstrates Mutually Assured Destruction in the End.

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Modern World History Presentations


Why Simulation Activities Work
American Revolution Resources
Civil War Resoures

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World War 2 Resources

     The American Civil War Simulation takes students from the Election of 1860, through the politics of the secession of Southern States from the Union. Students will then develop strategies and have to work between the states to win the war!  Students learn about how Industrial Production, Railroads and Natural Resources impacted the war.