Interactive and engaging History lesson plans

      Mr. Harms has designed a number of PowerPoint and Keynote presentations to help students understand history. Designed by a teacher for teachers, this PowerPoint focuses on "Revolutions In Russia". This presentation is designed to give students an overview of the path to Communism taken by Lenin and other Bolshevik Leaders. Students will be shown maps, animations and descriptions of some of the major events leading to the Russian Revolution.

      The presentation is totally customizable, allowing you to add your own pictures, graphics and animations to take what we've done even farther.  It comes with presentation notes to help you discuss the subject and engage them in the events of Europe. At less than $6.00, it will save you time and lay the foundation for presentations that help students understand and remember. 
The Topics include: Russian Revolution, Czar Alexander II, Alexander III, Nicholas II, Industrialization, Marxism, Vladimir Lenin, Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, Russo-Japanese War, Revolution of 1905, Bloody Sunday, WWI, Bolshevik Revolution, Provisional Govt, Civil War, New Economic Policy, Leon Trotsky, Joseph Stalin, Soviet Union.
Number of Slides: 56 $5.60

Included in The Presentation Package:
1.    Keynote Presentation
2.    Power Point Presentation
3.    Text edit file of the Outline of The Presentation and presenter's notes.

(The package is a digital download (Zip File) of these three items.

McDougal Littel's World History: Patterns of Interaction
The World At War
Revolution and Nationalism
Chapter 30, Section 1 "Revolutions In Russia"

Revolutions In Russia PowerPoint

Revolutions In Russia Presentation