Civil War Student Orientation Presentation

Civil War Simulation

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American Civil War Resources

This Presentation covers: Election of 1852, Franklin Pierce, The Whig Party, Sectionalism, Kansas-Nebraska Act, Transcontinental Railroad, Bleeding Kansas, Attack on Lawrence, John Brown, The Pottowatomie Massacre, Charles Sumner, Preston Brooks.

Engaging European Imperialism Resources: Simulations, Activities, Presentations and Lesson Plans in Asia and Africa for an interactive classroom.


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Presentation: Trouble In Kansas

PowerPoint & Keynote History Presentations

American Civil War Resources

Civil War Simulation Online Platform

This Student Orientation Presentation covers: A step by step explanation with graphics and videos of how the Civil War Map Activity / Simulation works.

The Debate Over Slavery Presentation

Presentation: Civil War Student Orientation

PowerPoint & Keynote Presentations


Civil War Map Activities and Lesson Plans


Presentation: The Debate Over Slavery

PowerPoint & Keynote History Presentations


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This History Presentation covers: The Missouri Compromise, Slavery Issue, The Wilmot Proviso, Sectionalism, The Campaign of 1848, California, Compromise of 1850, Henry Clay, Fugitive Slave Act, Uncle Tom's Cabin