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Presentation: Marching Toward War

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This History Presentation covers: Alliance Systems, Chain Reaction, The Western Front, Two Front War, Schlieffen Plan, First Battle of The Marne, Stalemate, Trench Warfare, Battle of Verdun, Battle of the Somme, The Eastern Front.

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WWI Simulation

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World War 1 Activity Bundle

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World War 1 Map Activity

Engaging & Interactive Simulation Lesson Plan

WWI Marching Toward War History Presentation

This History Presentation covers: Eastern Front, Gallipoli Campaign, Battles in Africa and Asia, Mohandas Ghandi, unrestricted submarine warfare, Lusitania, Zimmerman Telegram, Total War, Rationing, Propaganda, Women's Role, Russia Withdraws, Central Powers Collapse, 2nd Battle of the Marne, Losses.

This History Presentation covers: Competition, Imperialism, Militarism, Nationalism, Alliances, Bismarck, Wilhelm II, Crisis In The Balkans, Ottoman Empire, Austria-Hungary, Boznia-Herzegovina, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Gavrilo Princip, Black Hand and Mobilization.

World War One Simulation Online
World War 1 Simulations, Activities and Presentations

World War Bundle

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Presentation: A Flawed Peace

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WWI A Flawed Peace History Presentation
World War I Elementary Simulation

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World War One Online
World War I Home School


Presentation: A Global Conflict

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WWI: Europe Plunges Into War History Presentation
World War I Simulation

This History Presentation covers: Paris Peace Conference, Versailles Treaty, Wilson's 14 Points, The Big Four, New Countries, Territory Lost & Gained, Self Determination, Article 231, Colonies, Georges Clemenceau, Woodrow Wilson, David Lloyd George and Vittorio Orlando.

Upper Elementary version is design for younger grades and lower ability students. 1 year subscription included



World War I Simulation


Presentation: Europe Plunges Into War

PowerPoint & Keynote Presentations


Engaging World War 1 Simulations, Activities, Presentations and Lesson Plans for an interactive classroom. World War 1 Map Activity for kids

Interactive World War 1 Resources

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World War 1 Resources: Map Activities & History Presentations

WWI A Global Conflict History Presentation