Interactive and engaging History lesson plans


World War I Activity Bundle

All Mr. Harms World War I Activities


Presentation: A Global Conflict

PowerPoint & Keynote Presentations


WWI: Europe Plunges Into War


World War I Simulation


Engaging World War 1 Simulations, Activities, Presentations and Lesson Plans for an interactive classroom. World War 1 Map Activity for kids

World War I

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WWI A Global Conflict

Presentation: Marching Toward War

PowerPoint & Keynote Presentations

The Homeschool version is design for very small groups of students. 1 year subscription included


WWI Simulation

 1 year subscription included

World War One Simulation Online
World War 1 Simulations, Activities and Presentations
WWI A Flawed Peace
World War I Elementary Simulation
World War I Simulation

Upper Elementary version is design for younger grades and lower ability students. 1 year subscription included



Presentation: Europe Plunges Into War

PowerPoint & Keynote Presentations



World War I Simulation

Engaging & Interactive Lesson Plan

WWI Marching Toward War

World War Bundle

WWI, WWII and Cold War Simulations + 1 Year Online Platform Subscriptions

Presentation: A Flawed Peace

PowerPoint & Keynote Presentations

Already Included with Simulation packages

World War One Online
World War I Home School

WWI Online Platform

1 year subscription included