National Standards

Standard 4: The causes and global consequences of World War II

Standard 4A: The student understands the causes of World War II

Therefore, the student is able to:
Analyze the relative importance of the legacy of World War I, the depression, ethnic and ideological conflicts, imperialism, and traditional political or economic rivalries as underlying causes of WW2. 
Analyze the consequences of Britain, France, the United States, and other Western Democracies failure to effectively oppose Fascist aggression.


In this WW2 Simulation Game:

Students are assigned roles as leaders or foreign ministers of 18 countries involved in World War II. 

(Roles can be combined for smaller class sizes)

-Students then learn about the causes and background of The Second World War in the World Situation Summary.
-Leaders and foreign ministers meet with other countries: forming alliances, negotiating deals and plotting strategy for war.
-The first day, 1939, the aggressor nations move quickly to capture the vital natural resources their countries lack: Iron Ore, Coal, Oil and Rubber.
-Guided by their objectives, students engage in diplomacy, negotiation and problem solving.

World War II Simulation

          Your students will take the roles of Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin and many others.

       -Form Alliances                  -Conduct Diplomacy
       -Negotiate Deals               -Use Strategic Thinking
       -Problem Solve                  -Higher Order Thinking

Objectives of This Lesson Plan
Students Will Understand:
-European and Asian Geography
-Background of the countries involved in the war.
-The role alliances played in drawing multiple countries into the conflict.
-The importance of the control of natural resources
-The affects of fighting a two front war.-The advantage of the Allies Navy

​-Students will develop a sense of Nationalism for their countries.

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