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National Standards

Standard 4: The causes and global consequences of World War II

Standard 4A: The student understands the causes of World War II

Therefore, the student is able to:
Analyze the relative importance of the legacy of World War I, the depression, ethnic and ideological conflicts, imperialism, and traditional political or economic rivalries as underlying causes of WW2. 
Analyze the consequences of Britain, France, the United States, and other Western Democracies failure to effectively oppose Fascist aggression.

1939-1945 Days 2-7

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Hands-On World War 2 Simulation

World War II Simulation Lesson Plan

Pacific Theater

     Are you looking for a new and dynamic way to teach your students about World War 2?  Instead of lecturing or handing out boring worksheets, engage your students with this hands-on WW2 simulation . 

     Using a WW2 Simulation to teach about World War II, creates a competitive environment and students don't even realize how much they are learning as they are immersed in critical thinking and problem solving in the classroom.

     These WW2 Lesson Plans are designed for High School and Middle School.  

     Online Learning Ready!

     We have created new systems, that will allow the teacher and students to be at their homes and conduct the simulation efficiently.  Access to these tools are included.  With ever changing conditions for our schools, having an online option gives the teacher and students great flexibility!

KEY OBJECTIVES (Understand):
     -European and Asian Geography. 

     -Role of Alliances

     -Importance & Control of Natural Resources

Students Will:

       -Form Alliances                  -Conduct Diplomacy
       -Negotiate Deals               -Use Strategic Thinking
       -Problem Solve                  -Higher Order Thinking

     Natural Resources are located on the map in the regions where they existed in the early 1940's. Your students will learn why these regions were strategically important.  Each country's rating is dependent on the amount of resources they control or are supplied by their allies.


     The black boxes on the map represent oil deposits.  The red boxes represent coal mining regions.  The maroon boxes represent iron ore mining regions, critical for steel  production.  The green boxes represent rubber plantations.


WW2 Simulation

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WW2 Map Activity Preview

The simulation lasts 7 days or class periods

WW2 Online Platform

World War 2 Map

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1938 Day 1

     Students are assigned roles as leaders or foreign ministers of 18 countries involved in World War II. 

     On day one of the simulation, the teacher introduces the simulation and goes through the Student Orientation Video or uses the Power Point /Keynote Presentations.  The Student Overview and 1939 World Situation Summary set the stage for Day 2: 1939, the opening of hostilities!

World War 2 Map Activity

World War 2 Map Activity

     The game starts with the Axis Forces in the War Phase. This is when Axis countries can attack other countries.  After all Axis War has been completed-they transition into the Movement Phase. 

     The Movement Phase is when Axis countries can move any forces they did not use during the War Phase.   The Turns procedure was developed because students were sprinting to class to declare war.

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The Sequence of the Game

World War 2 Map Activity Sequence

WW2 Student Orientation

Additional Information

European Theater

World War 2 Map Activity