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WW2: Japan's Pacific Campaign

Study Guide Presentation

     America enters the war in the Pacific as Japan's sneak attack on Pearl Harbor enrages Americans.

Surprise Attack On Pearl Harbor

Japanese Victories

The Allies Strike Back

​An Allied Offensive

World War 2 Links

     A. Pinterest

Weapons of World War Two 
World War Two 
WWII Hollywood Movies 

     B. Other Links:

The History World War II
Women and The Home Front During World War II
Hitler's Nazi Architecture
The National WWII Museum
Enigma Machine Simulator
World War II Machines History
The National D-Day Memorial
The Voices of World War Two
D-Day Picture Collection from France

          11. Interactive World War II European Theater (National Geographic)

          12. The World War II Multimedia Data Base

          13. The only known color film of the Japanese Surrender in 1945

          14. Color Film of D-Day & Days After

          15. Auschwitz Interactive Map: BBC

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WW2: The Allied Victory

Study Guide Presentation

     The tide turns on the Eastern Front as well as in the Pacific leading to an Allied victory

The Tide Turns on Two Fronts

The Allied Home Fronts

Victory In Europe

Victory in the Pacific

WW2: Europe & Japan In Ruins

Study Guide Presentation

     World War Two left 60 million people dead and devastated the Axis countries.

Devastation In Europe

Postwar Governments and Politics

Postwar Japan

Occupation Brings Deep Changes

World War II Resources

WW2: Aggressors Invade Nations

Study Guide Presentation

     Italy, Germany and Japan become aggressive and other countries want to avoid war at all costs.

Japan Seeks An Empire

European Aggressors On The March

​Democratic Nations Try To Preserve Peace

Resources To Teach Kids About World War 2

Study Guide Presentations:

WW2: The Holocaust

Study Guide Presentation

     Nazi Racial Ideology leads to the Genocide of Jews, Gypsies and other groups deemed subhuman.

The Holocaust Begins

The Final Solution

World War 2 For Kids

WW2: Hitler's Lightning War

Study Guide Presentation

     Learn how Hitler's army used a new style of warfare to dominate on the battlefields.

Germany Sparks A New War In Europe

The Fall of France

The Battle of Britain

The Mediterranean and Eastern Front

​The United States Aids its Allies