HistorySimulation.com produces interactive history lesson plans for students. For any teacher planning a unit on World War 1, this lesson plan is a great way to bring history to life for them. The original program was developed and tested over years of use and is used by nearly 200 high school teachers throughout North America. This Elementary WWI Simulation Lesson Plans were adapted by Stephen Henderson, Elementary teacher in Pella Iowa, from our more advanced World War One Simulation for High School and Middle School. 

    The adapted version of the WW1 Simulation offers upper elementary teachers the opportunity to bring World War One to life by placing history in the hands of the students. With modified instructions and simplified terminology, the adapted version gives elementary students the opportunity to engage this great conflict in new and challenging ways.  The Elementary WWI Lesson Plan Simulation also offers questions that cover broader concepts in order for elementary students to begin to understand the level of influence this conflict had on a global scale.

    This WW1 simulation will help get students interested and excited about learning. Instead of simply recreating what happened in the Great War, students can alter the course of history through the decisions they make. This program can be customized to any class size and become a unit that future students will look forward to.>Modified Instructions
>Simplified Terminology
>Broader Concepts

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WWI Elementary Simulation Lesson Plan

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Stephen Henderson

Your elementary students will take the roles of world leaders Woodrow Wilson, David Lloyd George and Kaiser Wilhelm II and many others.

-Develop Alliances    -Engage in Diplomacy
-Negotiate Deals    -Strategic Planning
-Problem Solve    -Critical Thinking

Most importantly, your elementary school students will get excited about The Great War and want to learn more! 

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WWI Upper Elementary Simulation
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