The Holocaust

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Source: World History, Patterns of Interaction

Chapter 32, Section 3

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The Holocaust


-Chapter 32 Section 3

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-Derived from two Greek words meaning “All Burned”

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The Master Race

-A New Racial Order

    -Aryan Peoples Superior

    -Other Peoples: Inferior

-Led to the Holocaust

    -Systematic murder of Jews and other peoples deemed inferior by the Nazis

The term “Aryan” was misused in this instance.  The term describes Indo-European peoples that migrated into the  Indian subcontinent around 1500 BC.

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The Holocaust Begins

-Hitler taps into a long history of Anti-Semitism in Europe

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Deep Roots

-History of Anti-Semitism in Europe


        -German Nuremberg Laws; jews stripped of citizenship

            -Illegal for Jews to marry non-jews.


        1. 1881-1921: Pogroms In Russia

        2. 1492 Jewish Expulsion from Spain

        3. 1348: Jews blamed for the Plague

        4. 1290: Jewish Expulsion from England

        5. 1200-1400’s: Jewish Expulsion from France

        6. 1095-1200’s: Crusaders destroy Jewish Communities

    -Historically, Jews and other minority groups are blamed for a country’s problems

1200-1400’s: France expulsion of Jews, property was sold to enrich the monarchy.

Pogroms In Russia: Government organized violence against Jews.

1095-1200’s: Crusaders destroy Jewish Communities in Europe and the Middle East.

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Night of the Broken Glass

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Murder In France

    -November 1938

        -Herschel Grynszpan receives post card saying the Germans had deported his father to Poland

        -November 7th, Grynszpan shot German Diplomat: Ernst vom Rath

Herschel was visiting his uncle in Paris when he received the post card.

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“Crystal Night”

-Nazi Government responds to the murder: November 9th

    -Nazi Storm Troopers attack Jewish Homes, Businesses and Synagogues.

    -Close to 100 Jews Murdered

    -Jewish shop windows were smashed, leaving broken glass in the gutters

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Higher Order Question: Why do you think the Nazi’s reacted so violently?

Answer: To prove their superiority to the Jews

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A Flood of Refugees

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-After Krystalnacht, Jews realized violence was only going to increase

    -Jews that could, fled the country (Emigrated)

    -Hitler favored emigration as an answer to his “Jewish Problem”

    -Unfortunately, other countries began to close their doors, trapping Germany’s Jews

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Higher Order Question: How do you feel about countries closing their doors to Jewish Immigration?

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Isolating The Jews

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Ghettos: Segregated Jewish Areas

-By 1941, All Jews were required to wear the Yellow Star of David

    -Hitler ordered all Jews in Germany and occupied territories to designated cities

    -Jews were then herded into overcrowded Ghettos

    -Hitler hoped Jews would die of disease and starvation

    -Jews survived

The Yellow star of David or shield of David was created as a symbol like the cross is used for Christianity and symbolizes the world wide symbol of Judaism

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The Final Solution

-Hitler reaches the decision to systematically murder Jews and other people the Nazi’s term subhuman

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Genocide: The deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political or cultural group    

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Racial Purity

-Hitler’s New World Order

    -Racial Purity was a key component to building the Master Race

    -Conquered territories would be depopulated

    -Repopulated by Germans of pure Aryan Blood

    -Inferior Sub Humans:








        -Incurably Ill

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The Killers Seek Out Their Victims

-The German Army invades the Soviet Union

-The SS, Einsatzgruppen (Killing Squads Follow)

    -Men, Women and children are rounded up, forced to dig their own graves and executed

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Concentration Camps

-Inmates were worked 7 days a week as slave labor

    -Beaten & Tortured

    -Medical Experiments

    -Starvation Rations:

        -Potato Peals and Saw Dust Bread

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“If a bit of soup spilled over, prisoners would dig their spoon into the mud and stuff the mess into their mouths.”

    -Holocaust Survivor

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The Final Stage 1942

-The Nazis build death camps capable of killing 6,000 people -a day

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Extermination Camps

1. People arrive from all over Europe in Cattle Cars

2. Doctors make selections of who can work and who cannot

3. People who are able to work are worked to death in Nazi Factories

4. People unable to work, strip down and are told they are taking a shower. Poison Gas released.

5. The dead bodies are lifted to the 2nd floor where they are burned in ovens.

6. All personal effects: gold teeth, glasses….are confiscated and sold to help for this whole process.

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-6 Million Jews Murdered

    -Fewer than 4 million survived

    -Close to 11 Million people killed or Euthanized 

-Many people risked their lives hiding or saving people targeted by the Nazis

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The End

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