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American Revolutionary War Simulation

You will need Microsoft Word & Excel 2016 or newer to run this simulation

War Map

The Enlightenment In Europe PowerPoint and Keynote Presentations


American Revolutionary War Simulation Map

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     Each group or individual, depending on how big the class is, will work to answer questions in the simulation report.

     Students will also report out on how they achieved or did not achieve their objectives.  Students cannot go against their objectives.

The American Revolution PowerPoint and Keynote Presentations
Stamp Act Decree

Student Orientation



     Customize/use this presentation to introduce or debrief after the simulation explaining what events led up to the war and the government that developed after.


The Enlightenment Inspires the Colonists

     The roots of the American Revolutionary War go deep in history. Starting with the birth of Democracy in Ancient Greece, those ideals are expanded on by the writers of the Enlightenment like Locke and Rousseau.  

The American Revolutionary War Simulation Lesson Plan

The colonists meet and debate whether or not they are going to pay the tax or declare independence- which could lead to war with Great Britain.  The colonists then give a speech detailing their position and reasons.

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The American Revolution

     Students develop an understanding of how the Enlightenment in Europe inspired colonial leaders to seek independence through this presentation.  

Teacher Orientation

Revolutionary War Budget

First, each state & country must set a budget for the war.  Every state has a treasury and credit line they can spend each class period of the war.  This determines their rating for troops. 

Taxation Without Representation


The leader of the British Empire gives a persuasive speech on why the colonists should have to pay taxes to the king.  The Stamp Act decree is handed out to the colonists.

     Each class period of the simulation, each student will journal on their thoughts, outcomes of their strategies and what their plan will be for the next day.  The emphasis is on Critical & strategic thinking as students try to predict the enemies next move.