Daily Life During The War

Chapter 16 Section 4


The War In The East

Chapter 16 Section 2


The Tide of War Turns

Chapter 16 Section 5


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The War In The West

Chapter 16 Section 3


The Nation Divides

Chapter 15 Section 4


Trouble In Kansas

Chapter 15 Section 2

     Forces on both sides of the Free/Slave state issue, were focusing on Kansas.  Compromises that were intended to keep the peace were now boiling up into violence.  Presidential politics were clearly focused around the issue of slavery. A railroad through the West to the Pacific Ocean would create conflict as both the North & South wanted it in their region.  The Kansas Nebraska Act incited abolitionists in the North as protests broke out.  Two legislatures were voted in as one was supported by Missourians who had crossed over into Kansas just to support slavery. Slavery supporters attacked and sacked the city of Lawrence burning buildings killing one person. John Brown, a New England Abolitionist, traveled to Kansas and began to fight fire with fire. He led attacks against slavery supporters. The fighting spilled dover into Congress as one senator attacked another in the Senate.

Civil War Resources

The War Begins

Chapter 16 Section 1


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The American Civil War For Kids

Civil War For Kids

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Political Divisions

Chapter 15 Section 3

     In the election of 1856, the U.S. saw the elimination of one political party: The Whigs and the creation of another: The Republicans over the issue of slavery. 

     A case lands in the Supreme Court dealing with a slave suing for his freedom, Dred Scott, turns the country on its head and brings the issue of slavery front and center again.

     Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas debate the slavery issue in debates leading to the senate race in Illinois. 

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The Debate Over Slavery

Chapter 15 Section 1

     In this section, kids will learn about how new lands would ignite conflicts over slavery again in the United States.  Sectionalism is the concept of self interest in different sections of the country being different. The Compromise of 1850would calm the storm briefly, but the momentum against slavery in the North was stoked by writings such as Uncle Tom's Cabin.

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