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Source: Holt McDougal's World History Patterns of Interaction

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                                             Ancient World History                          Modern World History

Study Guides

I. Beginnings of Civilization                                         4 Million BC To 200 BC

Chapter 1   "The Peopling of the World"                        Pre-history To 2500 BC

     Section 1  Human Origins In Africa

Chapter 2   "Early River Valley Civilizations"                3500 BC 450 BC         

     Section 1 City-States In Mesopotamia      

     Section 2 Pyramids On The Nile

Chapter 3   "People & Ideas On The Move"                   2000 BC To 250 BC

     Section 2  Hinduism & Buddhism Develop

     Section 4  The Origins of Judaism

Chapter 4   "First Age of Empires"                                   1570 BC To 200 BC

     Section 2  The Assyrian Empire

     Section 3  The Persian Empire

II. New Directions in Government and Society      2000 BC-700 AD


Chapter 5    "Classical Greece"                                          2000 BC -300 BC

      Section 1 Cultures of the Mountains and the Sea

      Section 4  Alexander's Empire

Chapter 6    "Ancient Rome & Early Christianity"        500 BC- 500 AD

      Section 1 The Roman Republic

      Section 3 The Rise of Christianity

III. An Age of Exchange and Encounter                    500 AD-1500 AD

Chapter 10   "The Muslim World"                                     600 AD To 1250 AD

       Section 1  The Rise of Islam

Chapter 12   "Empires In East Asia"                                  600-1350 AD

       Section 2  The Mongol Conquests

       Section 5  Kingdoms of Southeast Asia & Korea

Chapter 13   "European Middle Ages"                              500-1200 AD

       Section 2  Feudalism In Europe

       Section 3 The Age of Chivalry

Chapter 14    "The Formation of Western Europe"       800-1500 AD

       Section 2  Changes In Medieval Society

       Section 4 The Hundred Years War & The Plague

Chapter 15    "Societies and Empires of Africa"             800-1500 AD

       Section 3 Eastern City-States and Southern Empires of Africa

IV. Connecting Hemispheres                                        500-1800 AD

Chapter 17 "European Renaissance & Reformation"   1300-1600 AD

        Section 3 Luther Leads The Reformation

        Section 4 The Reformation Continues

V. Absolutism To Revolution                                       1500-1900 AD

Chapter 21 "Absolute Monarchs In Europe"                  1500-1800

       Section 3 Central European Monarchs Clash

       Section 4 Absolute Rulers of Russia

       Section 5 Parliament Limits The English Monarchy

Chapter 22  "Enlightenment & Revolution"                  1550 AD To 1789 AD

      Section 2  The Enlightenment In Europe

      Section 4  The American Revolution                                                                                American Revolution Simulation

Chapter 23 "The French Revolution & Napoleon"       1789-1815 AD

      Section 2 Revolution Brings Reform & Terror

      Section 4 Napoleon's Empire Collapses

      Section 5 The Congress of Vienna

Chapter 24 "Nationalist Revolutions Sweep The West"   1789-1900

      Section 3 Nationalism: Unification of Italy & Germany

VI. Industrialism and The Race For Empire             1700-1914 AD     

Chapter 27 " The Age of Imperialism"                             1850-1914                               Imperialism Resources

       Section 1  The Scramble For Africa

       Section 3  Europeans Claim Muslim Lands

       Section 5  Imperialism In Southeast Asia 

VII. The World At War                                                    1900-1945 AD

Chapter 29  "The Great War"                                              1914-1918 AD                       World War I Resources

     Section 1   Marching Toward War

     Section 2   Europe Plunges Into War

     Section 3   A Global Conflict

     Section 4   A Flawed Peace

​Chapter 30  "Revolution & Nationalism"                        1900-1939 AD

    Section 1  Revolutions In Russia

    Section 2 Totalitarianism: Stalinist Russia

    Section 4 Nationalism In India and Southwest Asia

Chapter 31  "Years of Crisis"                                               1919-1939 AD

     Section 3  Fascism Rises In Europe

     Section 4  Aggressors Invade Nations

Chapter 32 "World War II"                                                   1939-1945 AD                       World War II Resources

     Section 1 Hitler's Lightning War

     Section 2 Japan's Pacific Campaign

     Section 3 The Holocaust

     Section 4 The Allied Victory

     Section 5 Europe and Japan In Ruins

VIII. Perspectives on the Present                                1945- Present

Chapter 33 "Restructuring the Postwar World"           1945-Present                        Cold War Resources

     Section 1 Cold War: Superpowers Face Off

     Section 3 Cold War: Wars In Korea & Vietnam

     Section 5 Cold War: The Cold War Thaws

Chapter 34 "The Colonies Become New Nations"        1945-Present

     Section 4 Conflicts In The Middle East


Chapter 35 "Struggles For Democracy"                           1945-Present

     Section 3 The Collapse of the Soviet Union

World History Study Guides

World History Study Guides

Interactive and engaging History lesson plans