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World War 1 Resources

WW1: A Flawed Peace

Study Guide Presentation

     Learn how a peace treaty sews the seeds of an even bigger conflict.

The Allies Meet & Debate

A Troubled Treaty

WW1: Marching Toward War

Study Guide Presentation

     Learn how circumstances in Europe brought the world to war.

Rising Tensions In Europe

Tangled Alliances

​Crisis In The Balkans

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Resources To Teach Kids About World War 1

Study Guide Presentations:

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III. World War I History Links

     A. Pinterest

          1. Weapons of World War One 
World War One
WWI Hollywood Movies 
The National World War One Museum

     B. Other Links:

World War One Research Site
New World Encyclopedia: World War One
The History World War I
BBC: World War One
PBS: The Great War
Legends and Traditions of the Great War
WWI Document Archive
The National World War One Museum

WW1: Europe Plunges Into War

Study Guide Presentation

     Learn how Europe goes over the brink as the Great War begins.

The Great War Begins

A Bloody Stalemate

​The Battle On The Eastern Front

WW1: A Global Conflict

Study Guide Presentation

     Learn how and where the Great War spread across the world

War Affects The World

War Affects The Homefront

The Allies Win The War

The Legacy of The War

World War 1 For Kids