I. Social Studies

     A. Pinterest

            1. Social Studies

     B. Other Sites:

            1. History & Social Studies Links Page
            2. Gapminder: Interactive maps about history, economics, education......
            3. Visualizing Economics
            4. A Treasury of Primary Documents (500 BC to 1800 AD)
            5. Active History.com (Interesting activities and lessons)
            6. The Classroom (Educational Resources)
            7. Maps of the World: Info-graphics for everything!
            8. Global Firepower: Compare the military & industrial power of all countries
            9. The Armenian Genocide Museum - Institute
          10. List of countries by past and future populations
          11. History Resource Cupboard- History Teaching Resources
          12. Watch 1,000 years of European border change in 3 minutes

          13. Students of History: Social Studies Resources

     C. World History:

              1. Mr. Kash's History Page
                   a. World History Links
                   b. U.S. History

     D. American History:

               1. AMDOCS: Documents For The Study of American History

     E. History Organizations

               1. World History Association
               2. National Council For History Education (Dead Link)
               3. American Historical Association
               4. California Council For History Education
               5. California Council For The Social Studies
               6. National Council For The Social Studies
               7. Organization of American Historians

II. World War I

     A. Pinterest

          1. Weapons of World War One 
          2. World War One
          3. WWI Hollywood Movies 
          4. The National World War One Museum

     B. Other Links:

          1. World War One Research Site
          2. New World Encyclopedia: World War One
          3. The History Channel.com: World War I
          4. BBC: World War One
          5. PBS: The Great War (Dead Link)
          6. Legends and Traditions of the Great War
          7. WWI Document Archive
          8. The National World War One Museum

III. World War II

     A. Pinterest

           1. Weapons of World War Two 
           2. World War Two 
           3. WWII Hollywood Movies 

     B. Other Links:

            1. The History Channel.com: World War II
            2. Women and The Home Front During World War II
            3. Hitler's Nazi Architecture
            4. The National WWII Museum
            5. Enigma Machine Simulator
            6. U-Boat.Net
            8. The National D-Day Memorial
            9. The Voices of World War Two
          10. D-Day Picture Collection from France
          11. A Day In a Tank

IV. The Cold War

     A. Pinterest

          1. The Cold War
          2. Cold War Hollywood Movies

     B. Other Links

            1. The Harry S. Truman Library
            2. The History Channel.com: The Cold War
            3. Documents Relating To American Foreign Policy: The Cold War
            4. Video Map of Countries that have Exploded Nuclear Weapons
            5. The Dwight Eisenhower Presidential Library
            6. The John F Kennedy Presidential Library
            7. The Lyndon Johnson Presidential Library
            8. The Cold War Museum
            9. The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library
          10. The Richard Nixon Presidential Library
          11. The Jimmy Carter Presidential Library
          12. The Gerald Ford Presidential Library
          13. The BBC Cold War Page
          14. Digital Archive of the Cold War at The Wilson Center
          15. Origins of The Cold War: Edsitement
          16. Cold War: A Brief History, Atomic Archive

V. The American Civil War

     A. Pinterest

          1.The Civil War 
          2. Civil War Hollywood Movies

     B. Other Links:

            1. Civil War Trust
                  a. Gettysburg Battle: Animated Map
            2. The American Civil War Homepage
            3. A History of Illinois In The Civil War
            4. The Civil War: A Film by Ken Burns PBS
            5. The History Channel.com: The American Civil War
            6. Georgia In The Civil War
            7. Civil War and Reconstruction
            8. Son of the South: Civil War Links
            9. Civil War Battles & Casualties Interactive info-graphic Eli Brosen
          10. The Civil War Home Page
          11. Medicine In The American Civil War

VI. The American Revolution

     A. Pinterest

          1. American Revolution Hollywood Movies

VII. The Holocaust

     A. Pinterest

          1. Holocaust Movies

     B. Other Links:

          1. Holocaust Links
          2. Holocaust Timeline
          3. Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site
          4. Voices of the Holocaust
          5. BBC: Auschwitz Interactive Map

          6. World War II and The Holocaust Animated Map

VIII. The Vietnam War

     A. Pinterest

          1. The Vietnam War
          2. Vietnam War Hollywood Movies

     B. Other Links:

          1. Vietnam War Web Sources

IX. Other Education Related Sites

     A. EasyBlog.org

    B. The Classroom

        -A great free resource site for students, parents and teachers.

X. History of Technology

     A.History of learning and computing in education

XI. History of Education

Museum of Teaching and Learning

History and Social Studies Links

History Education Websites

Interactive and engaging History lesson plans